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My beautiful boy, born and raised in New York, abducted by his mother to Japan in 2010. - 11/13/2010

My name is Brian. I live in New York City. My son, Louis (aka Rui), born and raised here in New York, was taken to and unlawfully retained in Japan by his mother in June, 2010. I am writing  and posting  this page on the Internet in the hope that our story will be appreciated and felt by others who care,  or who may be involved in pressing this issue with the US and Japanese governments and courts. I hope to use this blog to shed light on a very private pain, and to join those who are trying to press the issue of child abduction, particularly as it is commonly practiced in Japan.


The guiding principle of my effort is simple: a child who has two parents that love him needs and deserves to have them both in his life; and both parents who love that child have an unassailable right to express that love and live with him. Senselessly and thoughtlessly stealing a vulnerable, growing, boy and removing him from his father is a depraved act that does profound harm to his emotional development, and to the left-behind parent; in this case, that’s me.  Child abduction by a parent is predicated on one parent’s self-delusion, on inner callousness,  on non-comprehending blindness to the psychological and emotional  consequences. Parental abduction is an abuse of the love and trust of a young, helpless and dependent boy that while bonding him ever more strongly to his abductor, will undermine his hope. In my boy’s case, it is already alienating him from the deep love of his Daddy, and through that, it will ultimately lead to self-hatred.

The removal of my little boy has also menacingly required the cooperation of the Japanese family and friends who supported his mother in this act. This blog will therefore eventually be devoted in part to somehow contributing to making all those who have aided in this abduction as notorious as they deserve to be.

Rui, my sweet little boy, my son, my light, and my soul companion, has been bizarrely  taken away.Suddenly, his toys sit untouched in boxes.  His clothes sit in drawers, never warmed by the touch of his body.

Here, his Daddy sits in New York writing this, profoundly aching for him: to make him laugh, to throw the ball and read him poems; to soothe and kiss away his tears; to show him the birds and bugs in the park. To share life with him.

Only bringing him home would bring hope and light back to our lives.

For now, this is dedicated with love to my son, Louis (Rui) Samuel Prager – abducted  to Japan by his own mother -  in June 2010.

The photograph I am holding in my hand was taken by his aunt in Tokyo and posted by her on a social networking page, not long after he was taken there by his mother. Can anyone believe that his rights and his dignity are being respected?


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